Wedge Members Only - Building Big with Hayden Richer | January 26, 2018

Wedge Members Only - Building Big with Hayden Richer | January 26, 2018


January 26, 2018
12:00pm - 5:00pm
at Wedge Ceramics

A one day, building big workshop with Hayden Richer. Attendees should come with 2-3 ideas of what they’d like to make during the workshop.

*Clay is not included. We will email you about the specific clay you should buy for the workshop after signing up. You’ll need 50-100 pounds depending on how big you’d like to build.

*Please bring your fettling knife, sponge, needle tool.

*Registration deadline is January 18th.

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The focus of the workshop is to demonstrate and instruct large-scale hand-building

techniques. Two main methods of hand-building that will be demonstrated are

coiling and slab-building. Accepting that a wonderful initial appeal of clay is its

sensual and organic nature –this workshop aims to push the capabilities of clay and

utilize its ability to also be architectural, spatial, and large-scale.

With these aesthetics in mind, it is important to understand the build time

can be much longer than small-scale work, meaning there is longer prep, set up, and

dry time. However, this does lend itself to be building up multiple pieces at once.

This time frame and process will also be discussed and demonstrated in the

workshop. Within the workshop –in order of operations –we will be rolling out

slabs, letting them set and stiffen up, and while they do, we will be switching to a

coiling process. With coiling tighter forms, it is important to build slowly is order for

the clay to properly stiffen and strengthen. Necessary acts of thicker forms,

compression, and the timing of assembly are also ideas that will be discussed and

demonstrated. We will also discuss firing and drying techniques.